Who We are and What to Expect

Thank you for visiting!

Can you relate to any of the following statements?
"I respect organized religion, but I feel like it's so out of touch with the world."
"I was baptized and took my kids to church, but I haven't gone in years."
"I'm thinking of my own family now; I need to decide whether to take my kids to church or not."
If you can relate, we believe Holy Spirit is a faith community that can help you explore your questions about God and church-life. We are people who would enjoy getting to know you!  If you're not quite ready to talk, or if you are feeling a little apprehensive about worshipping with us, we understand. We hope you can find answers to many of your questions through this web site. We like to think of it as a "front porch" where we can get acquainted and you'll sense you can trust us. 
If and when you're ready to interact with a live human being, please contact one of our staff, leave us a message or join us for worship, study or a social group event. We value you!